Inspiring people to develop a passion for wine service.

Wine service can be intimidating. We were approached by Veraison to create a website that intrigues and inspires people of the hospitality industry to develop not only a passion for wine but a clear knowledge of wine, eradicating any intimidations along the way.

Veraison offers a series of eight bespoke courses. Each involving a workshop, a trained educator and a supporting booklet on a chosen topic. The brand consists of quirky illustrated characters and anthropomorphism to make learning about wine fun and effortless. 



We fell in love with these illustrated Veraison characters and decided to bring them to life using a thrilling and fun-filled animated website. We aimed to both complement their existing brand and build upon their ethos of enjoyable and well-educated wine service.


We worked closely with Veraison to help transport their brand into a digital world with a fully responsive experience. The stronger colour palette and a wonderful interactive journey overall creates digestible chunks of information for users and provides a perfect companion for Veraison educators.


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