Adventure in a glass


Johnnie Walker wanted to build a vibrant campaign and branding system that would enhance their position as the pioneering whisky brand and emphasise that their whisky was perfect for high-paced lifestyles. We were happy to oblige. 

 Johnnie Walker Identity


The Big Idea

Always excited to work on a drink account, we set to work studying (and sampling) the merchandise and quickly happened upon our theme ‘Adventure in a Glass’.

To bypass the Middle Eastern restrictions on showing alcoholic beverages, we came up with a visual metaphor: “The Vortex”. We quickly got cracking on the design: vibrant swirling colours and a vertiginous whirlpool. This visual creation was designed to embody the insane depth of flavour of the drinking journey (which we experienced first hand). 

The product itself was thrown into many characterful adventures and fast tracked into a superb acting career on various ‘stages’. This brought a healthy dose of drama to the communication. 


Johnnie Walker bottle and glass packaging design