Bringing the tropical flavours of the Caribbean to the rest of the world since 1880

Claytons Kola Tonic was originally blended by the Clayton Brothers in Battersea, London, England in 1880. They set out to create a non-alcoholic drink that was full bodied and refreshing and so Claytons Kola Tonic was born.

Now based in Barbados, Claytons turned to Brand42 to invigorate the Kola Tonic brand with the goal of growing international export and increasing accessibility across the USA and Europe.

Brand42 provided strategic brand direction along with full packaging rebrand across the Claytons Kola Tonic lines.



Through the concept of ‘Stimulating Company’ we wanted to bring together the fusion of two worlds and the journey between London and the Caribbean. We built on the varying factors that come together to create such a wonderful and versatile product by using a unique illustrative style; simultaneously positioning the brand to sit within the speciality and boutique drinks market. Stimulating Company also builds on the narrative of versatility and suitability of mixing with any type of drink.


Claytons sketch


As a non-alcoholic drink Claytons Kola Tonic can be enjoyed many different ways: straight up over ice, as a mixer with soft drinks or mixed in cocktail. Claytons Kola Tonic is widely available across the Caribbean as well as being stocked by retailers and specialist distributors across the United Kingdom, Australia the and the USA.

Claytons on the bar  

What the client says...

“I can't think of another product that blends 3 worlds; Africa, England and the Caribbean, we have a great story to tell and Brand42 have helped us to tell that in a better way”

Andy Armstrong,

Marketing Director